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Okay, that girl is trying to say something :D I feel like she is frozen in the middle of talking to me, and I didn't get the story she w...

First response: I like it. In fact, I think I like 'her'! You get a very clear personality/ emotion from her with minimal tools, and th...

First of all, I really like both the style and the motif. I think westerns are horribly under-tapped for good stuff, and it's nice to s...

It's good, and very 'emotional'. I get a strong X-files vibe from it (I don't know if it is actually based on another series, the name ...

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After reading a few threads in here, I thought I would write something that could give a few people a bit of a smile on their lips. So here it is: I recently contacted animal help groups locally and said that I would gladly take care of animals that were waiting to be adopted, until they got adopted. They have a lot of abandoned, abused, or animals born in the wild that have no place to stay, and depend on local volunteers. I volunteered.

Well, yesterday, the first four arrived (I have a big, old house out in the boonies, with ample room)! Their names roughly translate to Buster (5 weeks old boy, grey and white, adorable and crazy energy, abandoned), Kata (5 weeks old girl, black, equal energy and plays with Buster, a bit panicky, abandoned), Grumbles (9 months old boy, big, grey and black, insanely playful and just insane, born to an abandoned mother who has already been adopted), and Maurice (longhaired black and brown/red, no clear age, badly abused and rescued, very nervous but soooo loving once he trusts you). My two own cats, Charlie and Dylan, are still utterly confused, but adapting to it. Buster is already adopted and will be picked up when he is 12 weeks old. Maurice is also adopted, but because of his history of abuse, he needs to settle down and heal some wounds before moving to his new home.

My message: The world is a dark, hideous place that will abuse you and abandon you if given a chance. But there are people out there who will help you, or pick you up and care for you. If the world sucks, go looking for something better. It takes time and effort, and a bit of luck, but there are better things out there!

Also, cats = love + crazy. Just saying...!
Blue Cosmos
It's a shame that this is not an animation, because unlike earlier versions of the game, things now are integrated with time. Yes, the universe starts as a small ball an grows, taaking on features from gravity tugging at everything. The features are still a bit simple, mostly bits gathering in certain spots, as seen in the image. But in due time, hopefully soon, it will become clearer and sharper features, even better than in the older versions!
Pretty Little Universe
Quick test that looked kinda nice. I am now running tests with 1000 particles. The long streaks are something that I can make the particles draw as they move, if I hold down a button!
The Universe Is A Flower
I have been working on massive gravity simulations today. In short, a bunch of little points in 3D space that all tug on each other, like things in space do. I even ude the real science (some equations from Newton). A test with 500 particles created the pattern above. At first, I made a mistake in the coloring, so all particles were a shade of clear red. The one below is when I ran the simulation again with the intended colors. Looks pretty. But it also shows that the system is pretty stable; ignoring the colors, both images are almost identical, so the same particles obviously get the same results each time!
Abstract Universe
I used my gravity simulator to do a small 'Big Bang' (Small Bang??), with 50 masses flying apart, but being grabbed by each other's gravity. This is what running it for a minute resulted in (the lines are just for looks, since the animation cannot be seen here). They move very neatly, clustering here and there and even flinging some hapless member out into the void every now and then! It does look better when moving, though....
I have been silent for a few days now. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I feel that posting on dA is not giving the same kind of response it used to. Before my major silence a little while back, I felt like I was having a conversation. Now, I feel I'm mostly just doing show-and-tell. I know that is what dA is actually for, showing off your work, but I think I got more into the conversations than the mere posting. I miss that.

Second, and more positive, I am finally getting into the reboot of The Embassy! The game has shifted to a really high gear, with weird new methods to portray not just a universe, but a universe over time. 'Point clouds' and real scientific equations are slowly beginning to form the basis of it. Sadly, it doesn't look like much. I am considering a video series instead, so that people can at least see things move. I will make a note when and if that happens.

And third, I am writing stories again. I have no idea what will be brought from the old version of Ida's adventures (I have some ideas what won't, though), but the first new story is being written, essentially Ida's first adventure after having created / taken over The Embassy. It's an ecopunk horror novella, at 5000 words now and expected to tick in at about 15000 words in the end.

And finally, with the death of yet another kitten (Egon got run over in broad daylight by someone not watching the road), I have been taking a long hard look at some things. None of the two remaining cats (little Dylan and my cousin's old cat Big Charlie) are ever going to run outside freely again. I can loose no more. And I have decided to join the work of a local animal help group and set my house up as kind of a halfway home for abandoned animals, a place that they can live until hopefully adopted (and if not adopted, as long as they need to). It's a big step for me, and will take a lot of my attention, but I am still hard at work on the project, no worries...


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